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  • - G'Lon

    I started using the hair growth serum once a day and noticed growth within 14days! After that I increased to twice per day. I've noticed my hair is stronger and fuller at the root!

  • - Tonya

    After wearing extensions for a while, I begin noticing flakes on my tops each time I'd scratch my scalp. By the time I made it to the salon, my scalp was covered in what I was told was seborrheic dermatitis. My stylist used the antifungal bundle on my visit and it got rid of ALLL the build up on my scalp! I use it once a week or every two weeks to keep my scalp clear!

  • - Anonymous

    After going through a stressful breakup, I started noticing small red patces on the side of my face and around my hair line. It looked like a fungus, but I wasn't sure what the red patches were. After visiting Cre, my trichologist, she immediately knew it was psoriasis and used the antifungal bundle on my hair and part of my face. Some of the redness was gone and there was no sign of the fungus on my face or scalp!

  • - Jasmine

    All I have to say is that I haven't seen hair grow in this spot in a long time, WOW!

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